April Fools Day!!!

Happy April Fool’s Day!
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I always remember this day even though it is not customary in the Philippines to celebrate making pranks to your friends. But today is my brother Gerald’s birthday. Last night I greeted him and he did mention that I never failed greeting him on his birthday… the reason is because it falls on April Fool’s day.
But besides that I owe this brother of mine my education. If he had not convinced my dad to allow me to study in Manila I could have had a different profession and a different set of ideas. So thanks brother 🙂 !!!
We got to keep holding on as a family and you know we are all 10 siblings raised by our mom and dad… that is a tough job. So my wish on your birthday? Don’t lose patience on your son. I know he is a tough one but hey what you see in him is actually you. So raise him up to be the man that you could be proud of.

Thanks and Happy Birthday 🙂

Oh by the way April Fools :P!!!

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