Monochrome Louis

“Know thyself”

The Greek philosopher Socrates said this and it does make sense that in order for us to really reach great heights we must first know who we are. Knowing one’s skills, emotions, and weakness will lead one to greatness.

I have been in the process of knowing who am I for the past 20 years. My quest to the answer started before I graduated elementary school in Dulag, Binmaley, Pangasinan in the Philippines. When you are a kid all matters was  food and play but as soon as you reach the age of reason one starts to think and question their mere existence. A lot of it is still blurry but as we progress in life and stumble on experiences we learn things upon which we build the basis of who we are.

To date I found out that in spite of my not so perfect grammar I do love to write about subjects that interest me. I have been writing blogs and wrote two e-books. Writing lets me take out emotions deep inside and express them out creating a tangible expression. Topics I write about ranges from love, photography, personal management, personal finance, stock investment, fundamental and technical analysis, religion, society, the past, and the distant future. Writing helps me know about me by bringing out what is already inside me.

Photography was not as exciting until I bought my very first DSLR camera. This event  led me to the realization that we could understand more our world in still images. Capturing moments or the wonders of this Earth makes us appreciate objects or persons that we took for granted. Each photography session increases my understanding of the world I live in thus I learn through others the person that I am.

My love for numbers lead me to a profession that earns its living from numbers. Accounting is actually all about making sure what has been and has been added or taken out the sum of the whole. Our life is given to us but it is our responsibility to add to it to be the best and take from it the worst so that when the appointed time comes what we are what is expected of us.


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