Speaking in public

Speaking in small groups of 2-5 is just fine but speaking to about 30-60 was kinda different. Talking and discussing […]


I love this feeling. I remember those moments where after a long day, I get a chance to recline in […]

Writing as a way of life

I have blogged in several blogs for some time. Most of them are just my fancy blogs and a few […]

When God asks

We were on our way back to Manila when out of the whim my eye caught two billboards as our […]

Haiku and Notegraphy!

Friends from Ommwriter, yes that distraction free writing software, came up with a stylish way to share your articles or […]

Eating my frog

After a long time I attended the Feast, a Catholic gathering by the members of the Light of Jesus Community  […]

The old story crush

It makes me smile that even today after so many years there is this girl in my younger years who […]

Former sports area

In a windy afternoon our conversation was directed to the former sports area in our barangay. The old days were […]

Missing Christmas

One more day and it is officially December. Every you go now has the Christmas theme. Malls decorated with green […]

I’m back! And got some exciting stuff to tell you.

It has been long since I posted in this blog. Been busy with so many projects lately. One is my […]

Be A Mother to the Motherless

Mother’s day this 2013 will be on May 12 or the second Sunday of May. But generally May is the […]

Why I watch Anime?

At my age you might not believe that I still watch anime. Anime has been my best buddy. In my […]

POEA Balik-Manggagawa Trinoma Sub-office nightmare

As an OFW(Overseas Filipino Worker), coming on Christmas holidays is the most wished personal gift one can give oneself. Christmas […]

What matters most

Have you ever ask yourself what is the most important in your life? The busy times this holiday season seems […]

Looking At Someone’s Angle

Looking at things in a different angle will give you a fresh or at times an awakening on the matters […]

The cuteness of my fiancee’s dogs

I am not  a pet person. When I fell in love and finally made that decision that she’s the one […]

Fear is everywhere

I am writing not to alarm you but rather to make it clear that wherever you are in the world […]

Watched Loopers

This movie got me intrigue the moment I saw its trailer in hulu.com. For starters it is impossible to go […]

What is Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012(Republic Act No. 10175)

I really have no idea that such  law was passed in the Philippines last September 12, 2012 and  it is […]


Today’s gospel was something very that you wouldn’t want to hear. We attended mass at the usual time at Sta. […]

Embarking on a new blogging venture

I have been blogging since 2005 when I read an article about paid blogging in one of the leading broadsheets […]

My Cook Brother is now also A Blogging Cook

I think I got my siblings into blogging 🙂 Lats night to my surprise my brother, Isabelo Jr. a.k.a. Lolong(we […]

I Am Engaged

My college friend, Joy Abayon, commented to my fiancee’s engagement ring photo saying it is about time for me. Yup […]

Remembering Fr. Louie

source: http://irishdominicanvocations.blogspot.com/ source: http://dwcu.wordpress.com/history/ When I entered the seminary(yes I was once a seminarian) I was just this young tall […]

From Here On

Life is truly tough. As the years past it seems life has its surprises of which most of it we […]

My Very First FastFood visit

I am trying very hard to remember if it was Jollibee that was the first fast food I have ever […]

April Fools Day!!!

Happy April Fool’s Day! source: http://www.commentbuddy.com I always remember this day even though it is not customary in the Philippines […]

Me and Jaja: Kulto Members

source: http://inane-art.deviantart.com Don’t get me wrong…  but I guess if you consider X-Files as a TV cult then count me […]

Remembering 500 Pesos

There was a time in my life where I shared a 500, back then it was a huge amount, with […]

The Story of Kabog :)

If you live in our small barangay you might wonder why we call our youngest, George, Kabog. Well here it […]

This is me the Blogger

Yup the blogger is the me 🙂 My photographer took this photo but the  background(which is the wall in our […]

Tinaw: From wannabe to an aspiring photographer

On the other hand here is my sister Tinaw 🙂 who has a passion for photography.

Lolong: My Brother Is A Cook

Yes that is my brother the cook and he is not the biggest croc caught but we call him Lolong […]

This is my escape blog :)

Been blogging and battling a lot of writers block moments. It is so frustrating when you have an idea and […]

XOXO and jejeje: Twitter and social networks

source: http://www.pims.org It has been sometime that the Internet age started creeping to our society. With great technologies being made […]

When your heart talks

source:http://politicalpoet.files.wordpress.com/ Love has always been the cause of so many things in life. But today love is causing me pain […]

Sleeplessness: Me and me and me

source:http://www.edupics.com/ Many people have this sickness called insomnia sleep disorder. As of today I don’t see myself insomniac so to […]

Zeitgeist Movement: Is it the truth?

A friend of mine told me to watch this particular movie and its sequel. Was able to searched it in […]

Twitter trending topic about #thatsdisturbing

I have just joined the Twitter bandwagon and has become addicted to it. Another thing that makes Twitter the latest […]

May 10, 2010:Philippine National Election

(courtesy of mjgallego.wordpress.com/2010/02/) Today the Philippines is electing government officials from the highest to the municipal level. It has been […]

Human nature of wanting more

(Picture courtesy of Single Mind) Lately I have joined the forum I used to comment and share with and this […]

How about INVESTING?

A lot of us maybe one of those guys who live as we call it “from pay check to pay […]

Maguindanao Massacre

The country was shock to hear the news last Tuesday. As the 2010 Philippine national election nears, violence tends to […]

What do you believe in?

I watched the movie Stigmata a few days back. The story was about an atheist who received the stigmata, wound […]

Take care of your health now

My mother, in her dilapidated state, would tell us to take care of our health and well-being because no matter […]

Snapping a long stationary life

I remember it has been three years since I last left the country. Just after my last contract in my […]

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